The Johns Hopkins Film Society is an organization designed to promote cinephilia of all types on the Hopkins campus, and in the greater community. Providing regular DVD film series, and a 35mm film series on the third largest screen in the state of Maryland, it exists to educate, engage, and excite the Baltimore population on movies both old and new.

Each year, the JHU Film Society solicits entries for its annual festival. Students review, evaluate, and program films into a three-day festival in the spring. Entries are accepted from across the country and around the world.

Studio North is a student-run film production company designed to enable high-quality, festival-worthy filmmaking among JHU undergraduates. It evaluates proposals for projects and funds two large-scale short films each year. Studio North's Executive Board oversees production, and its committees are there to provide assistance to the filmmaker. Films premiere in may at Homewood Campus's Shriver Hall. Studio North also serves as a promoter of JHU students in media careers, hosting the Screenwriters' Workshop, arranging networking events between alumni and current students, and running events on internships and the job market.

Studio North continues to expand as it grows to meet the needs of a growing student population at JHU.